Recovery is stronger than the disease and works most effectively when all family members are involved.

Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family system, and it’s so important that all family members have an opportunity to gain information and knowledge about the disease.

Facilitated by addictions specialist Lyn Kirby, we believe Azure can be that safe space where families can come together to heal. Our Family Recovery Retreat will provide family members the opportunity, with both education and support, to begin their own journey of healing and recovery from the impact of alcohol or drug addiction. We hope to do this through counselling between family members, as well as equipping those who have supported members battling addiction with the tools they need to look after themselves and begin the healing process.

A week stay with us costs £800 and includes

  • Airport Transfers
  • Delicious vegetarian cuisine made in our kitchen with fresh ingredients – breakfast, lunch and supper
  • Yoga classes twice daily (Pre-breakfast and Pre-dinner, excluding Sundays)
  • Visit to the local hammam for a steam, scrub and short massage (optional extras can be purchased)
  • Family therapy sessions throughout the week
  • Workshops for further understanding addiction and its implications
  • Day excursion to local fishing village for lunch, shopping and beach fun
  • A trip to the local market for food, clothing and souvenir shopping
  • Belly dancing lesson
  • Daily group therapy sessions
  • Private boat trip

Over the course of the week we will work with family members to help them understand that the three “C’s” of addiction apply not only to the person who is addicted, but to his or her family members as well.

The three “C’s” are:

You did not cause it
You cannot control it
You cannot cure it

Whilst attending the Family Retreat, parents/caregivers and siblings are shown how they have suffered some of the same symptoms of addiction as their loved one, and we also look at how to let go of taking responsibility for the addicted person’s disease and their recovery process, how to focus on themselves again, and how to rebuild other significant relationships.

Our ethos is largely based on twelve step programs, such as Al-Anon or Families anonymous, and our recommendation would be that once family members leave the retreat they continue to attend meetings and work on their own healing in this space.

We feel Azure can be the safe space many need to do their healing, away from the distractions of everyday life and without the alcohol and pressures of a traditional holiday. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through your healing in regular sessions, and in your free time you can enjoy the sun, explore the local area, head to the beach, or take some time to build new memories with your family.